Mercy iPad Package FAQs for Parents

Who is required to purchase the Mercy iPad package?

Incoming ninth graders and new transfer students who do not already own an iPad meeting the minimum storage and model requirements listed below are required to purchase the Mercy iPad package .
Acceptable iPad models and storage capacity:
iPad Pro—128 GB
iPad Air 2—128 GB
iPad Mini 4—128 GB
If you decide to bring your own iPad, your daughter should be the sole user of this iPad and will be required to register the device on the school’s mobile device management server. This will require the iPad to be wiped clean if it has already been used.  Students bringing their own iPad must also pay the $50 Mercy app fee.
We already have an iPad that does not meet these standards, can my daughter still use it at Mercy?

If you already have an iPad that does not meet the standards above then it cannot be used at Mercy. Technology is deeply integrated into the curriculum at Mercy. We use the iPads for much more than reading and note-taking. When you purchase the Mercy iPad package your student is starting with a new, latest model iPad that is under warranty in case of breakage. If necessary the school can provide a loaner iPad until the repair is completed. The Mercy iPad package is discounted 10-12% from retail prices .
What’s included in the Mercy iPad package?

A 128 GB iPad Air 2, three years of AppleCare+ warranty, a custom made Mercy iPad case, and all the apps your student will need for school use.
What if my iPad breaks?

The Apple Care+ warranty that you buy as part of your Mercy iPad Package will give you three years of 24/7 phone support from Apple, two instances of accidental damage repair ($49 deductible) and a warranty on your iPad in case of product defect. If you are bringing your own iPad the student is responsible to have a working iPad that meets Mercy standards at all times as a condition of enrollment.
How are apps purchased for the iPad?

A $50 app fee will be charged at the point of purchase or when you register if you are bringing your own iPad. This fee will be used to purchase all school required apps at a volume discount (50% off of the retail price). Parents will not be asked to purchase instructional apps through the year.
Are text books included on the iPad?

Books are not currently included in the Mercy iPad Package. We are currently exploring ways to deliver more iPad based materials. For now, Mercy publishes a list of all instructional materials on its website (mhsmi.org). On the list you will find textbooks that may be available in an iPad compatible format.
How and when do I buy the Mercy iPad package?

You will be able to purchase the iPad using a credit card on the Mercy website or by cash and check from the Mercy Business Office starting at the first registration date.
Once we order the iPad package when and how will we receive it?

iPads that are ordered through Mercy will be picked up at the school in late July – early August. All new students including those bringing their own iPads will be required to attend a short orientation session in order to setup their iPad for school use. More information on the these sessions will be made available after July 1st on the school website.
Can students pick the color of their iPad?

Yes, students can choose from the colors Apple has made available at the time of purchase.
What about accessories?

If students desire a stylus, external keyboard, alternative case or any other accessory they are free to purchase these items on their own from the retailer of their choice.

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  1. Helen Suero says:

    For new IPads, do we buy accessories through Mercy or directly rom the Apple Store.
    Helen Suero


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