About the Technology Innovation Team

The Mercy Technology Innovation Team supports the mission of Mercy High School through the student 1:1 computing program. Every Mercy student is required to purchase an iPad prior to the start of their 9th grade year.

The Mercy 1:1 Program emerged as a response to the…

– 1998-2003 Board strategy to move Mercy … from viability to vitality
– Goal IV: Assuring the integration of technology into operations and instruction
– 1998 Technology Vision and Goals statement
– 2004-2010 Board Goal 5: …continues the integration of technology into school operations and curriculum on both a strategic and operational level.

The Mercy 1:1 Program was designed to implement these directives and to provide support for the tight integration of…

– Current and emerging technology literacy requirements, guidelines, college expectations and career trends
– Academic and personal productivity software
– Staff professional development opportunities
– In-house repair and iPad pool which supports iPad availability for every class session
– Physical infrastructure to support the demand of an enterprise network of nearly 1,000 users
– System of policies and procedures managing issues of technology integration

Mercy Technology Innovation Team:

Mr. Larry Baker – Associate Principal/Operations

Mr. Tom James – Director of IT

Mr. Christopher Janusch – IT Support/Technology Integration Specialist, Math Instructor

Mrs. Cheryl Corte – Media Specialist

Mr. Gary Bank – Site Administrator

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