iWizard Workshop

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Since their inception in 2012 the Mercy iWizards have held an all day workshop. This year’s occurred on February 8 with seventeen iWizards attending. It was a great day. This is what they worked on and accomplished:

1) The day began with a video conference with Apple Inc., getting suggestions and encouragement for the day’s projects.

2) The students planned a new structure for the new student iPad orientation for 2018-19 school year. They selected topics and for project teams in order to develop the materials for the orientation.

 3) The iWizards who will be presenting at the MACUL Conference in Grand Rapids on March 8, worked very hard on the conference presentation. While others went to the computer lab and began brainstorming on a new iWizard designed app called Splash.

 4) The day ended with video conferences with and Pinch Elementary School in West Virginia and Baker High School in upstate New York.

 Enjoy photos of the day taken by iWizard, Katie Bulloch.


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