New Book Completed about MHS Tech

We have just submitted a brand new multi-touch book to Apple, Inc. which captures Mercy educational technology. We are anxious to publish it to iBooks but will not do so until Apple finishes a review.

Composing and pulling together together this book has been a huge collaborative project and has actually yielded some new conversations and products, including

  •  Some powerful insights about learning from Ana Warner’s testimony about her experience robotic’s experience.
  • A complete documentation of the faculty’s ‘2017 #appleteacher professional development experience.
  • A concise expression of the school’s educational technology vision as aligned directly with the MHS strategic plan.
  • The formation and branding of the five-member Mercy Tech Innovation Team.
  • A broader, deeper data collection of our educational technology department yielding many interesting outcomes and next steps such as
    • a new understanding of the students’ enthusiasm for and dependence on the iPad Notability App
    • a discernible gap between teacher expectations of student multimedia products and student’s actual ability with multimedia tools
    • the engagement of a university professor in conversation/collaboration in possibly researching deeper by setting up focus groups or establishing a longitudinal studies.

I can hardly wait for the book to be published.


Screenshot 2017-07-27 10.48.55

One page of our new 25 page book

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