Connected Education

Of course one of the great instructional advantages of placing a mobile device in each student’s hands is that she has a world of information at her fingertips. But as a learner and teacher, I have found that being connected to other people has had an even more powerful impact on deep learning.

At the very founding of our iWizards student tech team group, our consultant, Lucy Gray, arranged Google Hangouts with other groups, such as the Tech Sherpas of Central Maine. More recently, we experienced a fun collaboration with the iWarriors of Birmingham Brother Rice. Together tech team members visited the ultra-techie-cool Data Center of Rock Financial in Detroit. This was a terrific learning experience about technology , engineering, and careers.

In this spirit of collaboration the iWizards are now trying to connect globally with other student tech teams. We have established a hub where teams can gather virtually and share. Even though it is only under construction, I invite you to see it (and promote it on social media).


Mercy also helps its staff learn by connectivity. Each year we host an ed tech conference for 350 attendees at cost. We invite the best ed tech practitioners in Michigan to present o stimulating sessions. This year’s, Februarly 24,  topics will include coding, 3D Printing, digital environmentalism, formative assessment, social media, and much, much more. Check out  and  follow the2017 Mercy Tech Talk for K-12 Educators #mhtt17

screen-shot-2016-09-25-at-7-11-01-pmMy presentation proposal to tech talk also involves connected learning. It showcases my iTunes U collection of the best best digital practices of school administrators around the world. Contacting administrators in New Zeeland, Ireland, Singapore, British Columbia, and throughout the 50 States has taught me more that any source of PD that I could imagine. As learners we are blessed to live in these times if we know how to leverage these powerful tools.

— Larry Baker, Associate/Operations andproud ’09 Apple Distinguished Educator. @labcbaker




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