Joining the iWizards

New students are immediately eligible to join a dynamic tech club at Mercy self-named the “iWizards.” The iWizards came into existence five years ago when the school adopted the iPad. They have been active leaders, teachers and learners in technology ever since.

Ninth graders were introduced to our iWizards at the iPad Orientation. The iWizards completely created the curriculum for the program and taught it.


iWizards conduct the iPad Orientation for new students, August 18, 2016

The iWizards are involved in a number of activities. They create tutorials, conduct a workshop for grade school students and troubleshoot technology in classrooms through a new badging program.


iWizards who receive special training from the I.T. Department are “badged” as classroom tech troubleshooters.

The iWizards also collaborate with other tech teams. They have Skyped with the Tech Sherpas of Central Maine and last spring attended a field trip to the Rock Financial Data Center with the Brother Rice iWarriors. They currently building a collaborative web site for schools around the world.

On August 31, 2016 all students will be sent an application for the iWizards and we hope lots of ninth graders will apply.  Another application opportunity will occur next semester.


April, 20167 field trip with Brother Rice tech team.

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