iPad Buyback Info and We Repair ADP

We Repair Accidental Damage Pan – Located in West Bloomfield, We Repair is offering an accidental damage plan that will cover your iPad in case of screen breakage and spills. The cost of this coverage will be a $75 initial cost for two years of coverage. A $25 deductible will than apply for any necessary repairs , $40 for LCD/Screen replacement. The form can be downloaded from here, or student’s can pick one up in the IT Office. Please make checks payable to We Repair. The deadline for applying is July 1st, 2015.

iPad Buyback – If you are interested in trading in your old iPad and purchasing the new iPad Air 2 there will be a drop off date on Monday, June 22nd, 11:00 AM here at Mercy. Please enter at the Flagpole entrance. The Mercy IT Dept. will check to make sure that all of your current content is backed up to a recent iCloud backup or you can back up your content to a computer using iTunes before arrival. Please also bring your charger and cord. Your old iPad will then be shipped to a warehouse for evaluation where the value will be determined. You will then be able to order your new iPad from the Mercy Business Office (do not order from the school website). Students will also have to purchase a new iPad case compatible with the iPad Air 2. Mercy cases will be availableĀ for purchase or you can choose to buy one on your own. Loaner iPads will be available for those who would like one before their new iPad arrives.

Here are approximate values for each model:

iPad 3 (Class of 2016)- $145.00

iPad 4 (Class of 2017) – $ 175.00

iPad Air (Class of 2018) – $ 185.00

Students will receive a check for the trade-in in late August. If you have any further questions regarding the iPad buy back please feel free to call the Mercy IT Dept. 248-893-3590.

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