iPad Warranty and Repair Info

For all Mercy students who purchased their iPads in the summer of 2013 (mainly the class of 2017), the AppleCare + warranty that you originally purchased as part of the Mercy iPad Package is set to expire this summer. If you also purchased the Safeware extended warranty that too will be expiring this summer. Since Apple does not offer an extension for the AppleCare + warranty, we have researched and selected a set of best options. Listed below are your warranty/service choices:

  • Do nothing, however if your iPad stops functioning for any reason you will be required to have it immediately repaired at full expense or purchase a new iPad.


  • Purchase a repair warranty from We Repair (located in West Bloomfield) that will cover your iPad in case of accidental damage. The cost of this coverage will be a $75 initial cost for two years of coverage. A $25 deductible will than apply for any necessary repairs , $40 for LCD/Screen replacement. The form can be downloaded from the Mercy IT Blog, or student’s can pick one up in the IT Office. Please make checks payable to We Repair.


  • Purchase a new iPad with 2 years of AppleCare +. Currently enrolled students can purchase the new iPad Air 2 (64 GB, wi-fi) from Mercy for $673. If you wish to purchase the new Mercy iPad package please contact the Mercy Business Office. Do not order from the school’s website. Please also be reminded that you cannot purchase a new iPad from another source to use at school.


  • New this year, student’s now have the option to trade in their current iPad in working condition and receive $100 – $200 (depending on model and condition) towards the purchase of the new Mercy iPad package (64 GB iPad Air 2). If you are interested in the buy back program please contact the IT Dept.
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