We’re Updating “iMercy”!

Less than two years ago as part of our application process to become an Apple Distinguished School, we published iMercy to iTunes. iMercy is a 27 page multi-touch book which describes our school’s technology program.

Unsurprisingly, a number of significant changes have occurred over the past two school years, so we would like to reflect these in an updated edition of the book.

A committee of a dozen enthusiastic volunteers* recently convened for this project. The project team includes We have two immediate tasks:

Some of us are going to collect new data with and ISTE Standards based survey on how our students use their iPads for school after three years of experience. Others will review the five chapters of the the book to consider what to weed out and what to update.

Page 11 of the iMercy first edition

Besides bringing fresh data analysis into iMercy there will obviously be some new content in the following areas:

*Paperless Grading with Schoology

*Paperless assignment workflow with Schoology

*New technology focused courses like Photo, Film and Animation

We hope to have the new edition updated by mid-July. Of course I will keep you posted!


* Project team members: Angela Harris-Schultheis, Ann Lusch, Carol Shea, Dr. Kreger, Christopher Blitz, Colleen Rozman, Cindy Richter, Julie Earl, Lisa Schrimscher, Cheryl Corte, Susan Smith, Alison Kline-Kator, Tom James.
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