2015 Tech Talk Keynote Speaker

I am very pleased that Karen Bosch has agreed to be our keynote speaker at the Tech Talk at Mercy High School on February 27, 2015.  She will be giving a kick-off presentation titled, The Power of TLC: Technology + Learning + Creativity.

I first got to know Karen on a shuttle bus ride in Orlando, Florida during the 2009 Apple Distinguished Educator Institute.  She was a veteran and I was a newbie at the conference.  I was immediately struck by her knowledge and

generosity of spirit. She was unassuming, yet wise and perceptive.  Each time we subsequently met at tech events she was kind and genuinely interested in what I was up to with tech. Furthermore, she was always deeply involved in the event as an attendee and as presenter.

I had opportunities to watch her make presentations at the 2013 ADE Institute in Austin, Tx, and at our first Tech Talk in 2013.  By then Karen had developed quite a reputation and following as a presenter.  I certainly know she got rave reviews on the evaluations we asked participants to complete at Tech Talk.

As our web site will tell you, Karen is a technology instructor at the Southfield Christian Schools.  Besides being an ADE, she has been recognized as an ING Unsung Hero and a Discovery Star Educator. She has recently developed a website called Creative APP-titude: iPad Multimedia Tools for Creativity. If you visit this site you will clearly understand why we are excited about her keynote! If you are an educator, I hope your can attend.

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