Interest in and Interesting Things Happening with Mercy iWizards

There is lots of activity occurring within the iWizards‘ organization, and they are also stirring interest across the state.

The iWizards themselves are planning four new initiatives:

1) One task group is planning a January 23 all-day workshop which will be devoted to planning the 2014 iPad Orientation for new students. This year an iWizard will co-facilitate the workshop.  In addition, the iWizards are determining their orientation teams in advance so that they can “hit the ground running” in the iMac Lab at school.

2) Another task group is developing a sophisticated web site for hosting group resources and tutorials.  Ideally the site will also further group communication and planning.

3) A group of ninth graders are exploring the possibility of building an iOS app to serve the school community.

4) We are working on an internship program that would allow iWizards to assist the IT Department during school and into the summer.

New iWizards brainstorming about their projects

Several educators will be hearing about the iWizards in 2014.  I was recently asked to make a presentation about our tech team at the Michigan Association of School Administrators Midwinter Conference.  I also had a presentation titled, Empowering YOUR iWizards accepted for the 2014 MACUL Conference in March. In addition I intend to present on our iWizards at our own Tech Talk on February 28.  In that instance, it my hope to include some of the iWizards in the program.

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