Tech Talk Taking Shape

The February 28, Tech Talk conference at Mercy High School is beginning to take shape.  Here are some of the planned sessions:

Keynote Presentation: Passion-Based Learning With Everyday Technical Knowledge   Dr. Liz Kolb, Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan who teaches courses on educational technologies in all the school’s teacher certification programs.

Creating and Publishing eBooks on the iPad  Karen Bosch,  K-8 Technology Instructor at Southfield Christian School. Apple Distinguished Educator.

iLearning.iFlexible.iPad: Ideas, Tools, and Resources That Amplify Student Learning  Joanne Rowe and Julia Alder,  Digital Age Curriculum Coaches for Birmingham Public Schools and national conference speakers.

“I Hate Copyright” (“Finding Public Domain and Creative Commons Images”)  Larry Baker, Associate Principal at a Mercy High School and Apple Distinguished Educator.

Weebly, Webquests, and more with Web  Stacey Sharp, Teacher at Marian High School and completing her Master’s in Educational Technology at Madonna University.

Student Presentations… iPad Style Alison Kline-Kator, teacher at Mercy High School with MA Educational Technology) from University of Michigan-Dearborn, where she is currently a doctoral student.

Web Portfolios for Students and Teachers Susan Smith, Art department Chairperson at Mercy High School, and also Mercy’s team leader for Apple’s Challenge Based Learning pilot in 2011.

Teaching Science in a Blended Format: Predictions and Perceptions  Dr. Jason Siko, Assistant Professor of Educational Technology at Grand Valley State University.

Productivity Apps for the Busy Teacher  Zena Samona, science teacher at Our Lady of Sorrows School and B.S. from University of Michigan.

Check out the presentation details at

We are still accepting presentation proposals at the Tech Talk web site.

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