A Look into Design Foundations

I have blogged previously about our Design Foundations course.  As part of Mercy 2.0, Art Department Chairperson has designed a marvelous course that we now require all of our students to take.  It introduces each student to multimedia and technology from the artist’s perspective.  Students work with traditional materials but also work with animation, audio files, and video editing (with professional grade software).  The students also design web portfolios.

On April 10, Susan made a presentation to our Board of Trustees.  I asked if I might share her slides with you.  We have removed the videos, but we will publishing more at a later date.

As you can see, we have provided the students with a rich visual and technical experience.  We have also laid a foundation for advanced curriculum which can build upon these skills.  I expect to be posting about those courses in September, once they are off the ground!


From Susan Smith’s slide deck (photo from Sarah, class of 2013)
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