Distinguishing Our School

Mercy 2.0 featured the adoption of the Apple iPad as our 1:1 computing device for instruction.  But certainly, merely putting iPads in everyone’s hands does not assure transformative results.

I believe Mercy that due to our history as a 1:1 school — first with HP laptops and now with iPads — we have been able to leverage the laptop in some remarkable ways.  In fact (while admitting I am greatly biased), I think that Mercy’s use of technology for instructional purposes is remarkably innovative and exemplary.  The iPad’s intuitive tools, its plethora of apps, and its marvelous av capabilities have allowed us to accelerate down the path of the redefinition of instruction.

But why take my word of it?

To demonstrate that Mercy is truly distinguished a project team has set off on a two-prong effort to examine and publish the impact of instructional technology on our community.  First, we are initiating a survey research study of the iPad’s impact on our ninth graders.  Secondly, we intend to publish an iBook that exhibits our best practices.

Both efforts are not merely pipe dreams.  We are already well on the way toward collecting data and products that can help us guague the progress we have made thus far and establish a baseline for measuring our future achievements.

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1 Response to Distinguishing Our School

  1. cdkreger@mhsmi.org says:

    The inventiveness that the Mercy girls exhibit as a result of the design foundations class, Community Based Learning Projects, and their own ability to create is nothing less than amazing. The sky is the limit with these girls. Imagine sophomores running the iPad intros for incoming freshwomen!


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