Mercy 9th Graders Use Google to “Pick a Pope”

Pick a Pope splash page

Mr. Gerardi’s ninth grade Intro to Theology classes have used Google apps to create an information site and school-wide ballot to “pick a pope”.

The girls have researched top Cardinal candidates and posted the information to a Blogger web page.

Typical candidate entry

In addition to a photo and text information, the girls have used their school YouTube accounts to create a clever “commercial” endorsing each candidate. These are completely respectful but fun!  Finally, Mr. Gerardi used Google Forms to create a simple ballot and linked it to the site for easy tabulation of the votes.

Two of the student created videos

What a great use of our Google Apps for Education!  Mr. Gerardi has taken a subject that could be ever-so-remote to our girls and turned it into a memorable learning experience.


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