2013/2014 Mercy iPad Package FAQs

Who Is Required to Purchase the Mercy iPad package?  Incoming ninth graders and new transfer students are required to purchase the Mercy iPad package. Another iPad may not be substituted.

What’s included in the package?  A 32 GB iPad, a custom made Mercy iPad case, a two year AppleCare+ warranty, and all school required apps.

How are apps purchased for the iPad? A $50 app fee is charged at point of purchase. This fee will be used to purchase all school required apps and software at a volume discount. Parents will not be asked to purchase instructional apps through the year.

What about books? No books are included with the iPad package. However, more and more courses have adopted digital books and Mercy publishes a list of all instructional materials. On the list you will find textbooks that may be available in an eBook format.

How and when do I buy the Mercy iPad package? You can start ordering the Mercy iPad package starting on Monday, March 11th at registration. You will be able to purchase the iPad using a credit card on the Mercy website or by cash and check from the Mercy Business office. To order from the website or to download an order form click here. You must order your Mercy iPad Package no later than July 1st, 2013.

Once we order the iPad package when and how will we receive it? iPads will be picked up at the school in late July – early August of 2013. Students will be required to attend a short orientation session in order to receive their iPad. More information on the pick up orientations will be made available after June 1st.

What if my iPad breaks? The Apple Care+ warranty that you buy as part of your discounted Mercy iPad Package will give you two years of 24/7 phone support from Apple, 2 instances of accidental damage repair and a warranty on your iPad in case of product defect. Additional warranty coverage will be available for purchase once you receive your iPad.

Why must we buy the iPad from Mercy? Providing support and reducing costs are the two main reasons for this. If something does go wrong with your iPad the IT Dept. works with a local service provider to facilitate repair or replacement. If necessary the school provides a loaner iPad until the repair is completed. The Mercy iPad package is  discounted 10-12% from retail prices. When the school buys them in larger quantities we are able to save you over $100 when you buy the complete package from Mercy.

Can students pick the color of their iPad? Yes, students can choose either a white or black iPad.

What about accessories? We feel that the Mercy iPad package is everything a student will need to use their device in school. If students desire a stylus, external keyboard, alternative case or any other accessory they are free to purchase these items on their own from the retailer of their choice.



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