IWizards Getting Ready for Class of 2017

A special group of ninth grade iWizards has been meeting weekly in order to develop the August Class of 20017 Tech Orientation.  Currently they are organizing them into project teams to develop the different modules of instruction.  They have identified what they deem essential knowledge for using the iPad at Mercy.

On March 4 they will be devoting their day at school to creating multimedia materials for the tech orientation.  Once again, Lucy Gray will be their visiting guide, but other adults will be dropping in to consult. Our new 26 seat iMac lab will be their play pen for the day.  

Presently, we are identifying the “trainers” who will be project leaders for the creation of instruction and supervise the training in August.

By the way, class of 2017 students will get to meet iWizards when they pick up their Mercy iPads this summer.   We also hope that they will be assisting in  the service area of the IT Department which will be relocating (More on that later!).

It won’t be long before we are recruiting the new freshwomen to become new iWizards.

The iWizard Trainer Application



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