Location, Location, Location!

M-Hub is a student operated online database which enables members of the Mercy community to share their knowledge with current students. For example, students can search for Mercy community members based on various areas of expertise — such as professional titles, hobbies, college alma mater, community service or location — and then connect with them to gain information.

In order to spread the good word about M-Hub the girls are producing a one minute movie that will concisely communicate their mission.  They are looking for locations and actors to depict . . . .

* A scientist addressing the camera from her lab.

* An artist addressing the camera from her studio.

* A businesswoman addressing the camera from her interesting-looking place of business.

If you can help us get access to these types of well-lit locations or spokeswomen who can perform these roles, please contact Larry Baker at lrbaker@mhsmi.org

2012 M-Hub Members


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