IWizards Rock the Open House

The ninth grade iWizards demonstrated our iPad technology at the January 27 Open House.

Abigail and Isadora demonstrate for a family at Open House

The most common questions the IT Team fielded were . . . . .

Q. Do all the teachers “require” the iPad?  Answer: We are seven years into one to one computing.  The iPad is used across the curriculum.  Many of our teachers are very highly skilled at technology.  They present at conferences and challenge their students with innovative instructional methods.

* Q. Do the iPads come loaded with books?  Answer: No, but they come loaded with apps, and a nominal app fee charged at purchase pays for all instructional apps for four years.  We offer as many digital books as we can and provide this information at the school web site.

Q. How will the students learn to use their iPads?  Answer: We offer a short orientation session at iPad pick-up , and a far more intensive learning experience during the first week of school.  The iWizards will assist as trainers at these sessions.

Q. Does the Mercy iPad come with a keyboard?  Answer: No. We think this is a matter of personal preference. About 60% of our students use one, and they vary greatly in style.  The Mercy iPad comes with a case and the Apple Care + warranty (both significantly discounted).

Q. Can I use notes created on my iPad with my PC at home?  Answer: Absolutely. There are many ways to do this and the teachers will guide the students as classes begin.

Q. How does someone become an iWizard?   Answer: We will be taking applications to join from the class of 2017 sometime in the Fall.



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