Learning to Plan Online

Mercy High School does a great job of teaching students to manage their time. This skill is invaluable for them as they move onto college and then their careers.  We hear this from our graduates again and again.

Three factors have traditionally contributed greatly to the cultivation of this skill.  First, the school’s culture reinforces individual responsibility.  Secondly, our modified modular schedule challenges students to use their unscheduled time wisely.  The unscheduled time allows them to meet with teachers, collaborate in groups, and get school work done on campus.  Finally, our students are very, devoted to their traditional paper Agenda Planners. As teenagers they become learn to organize homework and activities in a central location.

However, Mercy 2.0 is moving our community away from paper planning. Over the summer all of the school calendars were moved to the Google Calendar platform. Consequently, parents, students, and staff can subscribe to our School Life and Athletic calendars.  Most importantly, all teachers have been mandated to schedule assignments on Google Calendars.  Since we are a Google App for Education school, all students automatically have a Google Calendar and can pull their assignments for all classes (along with all their other school activities) into one central, customized location. What is more, parents have access to these calendars and can subscribe to them also.

This is just another way in which the Mercy experience helps to develop effective personal habits in young women who will make a difference.

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