iPad Warranty Info

AppleCareAs we are now halfway through the process of distributing iPads to our students we thought it would be a good time to inform you about your warranty options. Every family who purchased the Mercy iPad package has the AppleCare + warranty.  This warranties your iPad against defect and accidental damage for two years. Accidental damage is classified as damage caused by dropping or mishandling of the device. You are allowed two instances of accidental damage within the first two years of ownership. Each instance of accidental damage repair requires the payment of a $49 deductible in order to have the iPad repair porcessed. In addition to the Apple Care + coverage you already have, our Mercy families can purchase additional accidental damage and theft protection through Safeware which is being facilitated by Mac Professionals in Novi, MI.

Here are some of the main comparison points of these two warranties:

AppleCare + :

  • Covers your iPad from manufacturers defect (screen goes out, buttons stop working, etc.)for two years
  • Two incidents of accidental damage, with a $49 deductible for each incident.
  • 24 hour phone support from Apple
  • Free support at any Apple Store
  • Does not cover theft
  • For a full explanation of your Apple Care + coverage please go here.

Safeware/Mac Pros:

  • Provides additional accidental damage coverage above and beyond your Apple Care + package frot eh same two year period
  • No deductible
  • Unlimited incidents for two years
  • Theft coverage is also available for an extra charge

If you wish to purchase the Safeway warranty please fill out the form which your daughter will be bringing home from the orientation sessions and mail it along with your payment to:

Mercy High School

Attn: IT Dept.

29300 W. 11 Mile Road

Farmington Hills, MI 48336 

If you have any additional questions on either of these warranties please contact Mr. Gary Bank at the Mercy IT Dept. at 248-893-3522 or gtbank@mhsmi.org

If you need the Safeway warranty form you can download and print it here.

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