The “Buy Back” Program for HP laptops

After further research the tablet buy back option is not advantageous. We were disappointed in learning the amounts are not of significant value:


class of 2015     $200.00    HP EliteBook 2740p i5-12.1” 2.53ghz 4GB/160/wifi/ ac adapter 65W

class of 2014     $150.00    HP EliteBook 2740p i5-12.1” 2.4ghz 2GB/160/wifi/ ac adapter 65W

class of 2013     $50.00       HP Tablet PC 2730p C2D-12.1” 1.6ghz 2GB/80/wifi/ ac adapter 65W


Please be assured Mercy faculty, staff, and I.T will continue to support the HP/Windows tablet platform for the next three years.


Contact the Mercy I.T. Department at 248-893-3590 or by June 1 if you wish to trade in your HP.  We will begin taking orders for Mercy iPads on May 14.

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