New Student Information Meeting

This latest information on the “Mercy iPad Bundle” was communicated at the New Student Information Meeting on the evening of February 20, 2012.


Students will be entering a curriculum deeply impacted by technology for several years. This year we are switching the computing device that each student will possess by requiring the iPad for each incoming ninth grader.


The Mercy iPad bundle will be sold directly and exclusively through the school web site.


The bundle will include an IPad (discounted), extended 2 year warranty (discounted), an app fee (used to purchase discounted apps), a small administrative fee to cover the transactions costs, and a protective case with Mercy custom design.  This bundle will be uniform for any Mercy student.


The exact pricing will be  contingent on the exact model of iPad and case that the school selects. (Projected final price to fall within the $600-$700 range).  The exact pricing will be communicated as soon as these factors are settled.  Books are not part of the package though our academic departments are aggressively  pursuing digital content options for our students of all grades.


A student may not substitute another iPad or mobile device for the “Mercy iPad”.   App deployment,  administration, loaner program, and service are all contingent on our students using the Mercy iPad .


Optional accessories such as a keyboard or stylus will be available through a third party (subject to further discussions).


The Mercy IT Department will host an iPad information night at Mercy on May 14.  That evening families may make their purchase, ask questions and examine optional accessories.

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