Partnering on Mercy 2.0

This past week was marked by three exciting partnerships.  Each one made an outstanding contribution to Mercy 2.0.


On Sunday (January 29), the IT Team and a group of volunteer students staged an iPad demo in our school Media Center.  I should never underestimate our students, but I was thrilled to see our girls show off the versatility (and possibilities) of the devices we have chosen to adopt for our ninth graders.


On Tuesday (January 31), I listened and learned at a pow-wow comprised of our IT Team, Business staff,  Advancement staff, and our web designer.  All of them were absolutely determined to offer our families the best possible service and value by directly selling new iPads to families through the school web site.


Then on Thursday (February 2), I participated on a conference call with Mrs. Witte (our Principal) and Lucy Gray.  Lucy will be Mercy’s new partner in planning a rich professional development program for our school as we move to iPads and Google Apps.  I am  eager to introduce Lucy to some members of the school community when she visits in March.  On April 23-24 she will be on campus to actively engage the staff in professional development activities.  Ensuing visits and consultations will encompass a wide range of activities for a variety stakeholders.
With so many talented partners, you can see why I am excited about Mercy 2.0!
L. Baker

Megan shows off the iPad at Open House

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