iPads in the House!

The first school-purchased iPads are now in the building. The IT department is testing a pair out with our network and our new JAMF CASPER administrative software.

Of greater interest to you might be the App exploration that Ms. Kline-Kator, Ms. Susan Smith, Ms. Jamieson, Mr. Baker and Mrs. Schrimscher will be undertaking  as they try to determine the right “starter pack” of apps for our new ninth graders.

They will be examining personal productivity apps like Evernote, Dropbox, iMovie, Noteshelf, Kindle, Google Earth, Instapaper, Diigo, Dragon Dictation and many more.  Naturally, the IT Department would love input from anyone.  Use the blog.  We are also looking for recommendations on accessories like styli, blue tooth keyboards, and cases.

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2 Responses to iPads in the House!

  1. Katy Koskela says:

    Our dept has had discussion about possible student apps for easy access to research information. We definitely would like an app that takes students to our website, but envision our website itself “morphing” to enable easier/faster access to some of the resources. Freshwomen need to become very conversant with these options so that usage will become second nature.


    • Pablo says:

      Dost I think a lot of the things you are taknilg about was offered by Flock which was discontinued. (initially Firefox later Chrome based browser). Multiple identity was managed by Flock and I think you can do some identity management using LastPass. Locally stored data from websites was previously offered by Webaroo (now discontinued). E.g. Webroo could make the entire Wikipedia available offline for a 4GB download. I don’t think there is much need to data available offline. But it would be useful if some of the pages were available offline with one click .It would be great if native apps were available offline such as edit documents offline and save files to your computer and later sync it online. I was wondering how you will do this. Is it going to be something like Google Gears or Mozilla Prism.Opera already offers syncing virtually all browser data including history. Chrome doesn’t sync history. Safari let’s you browse your history in visual cover flow. How is it different from those? The interface changes is very interesting. The address bar disappears when your not using it. I think that is very important. I think most of the interface changes are really relevant in the next generation .


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