Protecting your tablet

Many of tablets we see in for service have some type of external damage such as cracked screens, damaged corners, key caps missing and so on. Most of the damage can be avoided by carrying your tablet in it’s own separate case rather than in your back pack. There are many manufacturers of high quality cases. One of the best cases on the market for our particular models are produced by a company called Higher Ground.. Many of you may have purchased a Higher Ground case when you first purchased your laptop. We notice a lot of students use these cases at first but then stop using them for a number of reasons. We realize that many of our students already have quite a heavy load to carry around with them with their back packs and books. You will, however, avoid a lot of time in the Tech Office getting your tablet repaired if you keep it in it’s own case. Back packs can be dropped on the ground, thrown in to the trunk or the back seat of a car and this can potentially cause the type of damage described above and can also lead to hard drive failure and web cam/screen failure. If you are going to carry your tablet in your back pack the Mercy IT Dept. recommends that you always transport your tablet in an appropriate case inside of the back pack. A protective sleeve of some type with adequate padding should be used before you put it in your back pack. This will help shield your tablet from the other things you carry in your back pack, as well as give it some protection from drops and jolts.

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