Seniors, your I.T. service and hardware options!

Seniors, a nasty rumor has been spreading that once your warranty is up on your TC4400 tablet, you will have to pay for service. NOT!

Diagnostics and Software Issues

The Mercy IT department continues to diagnose whatever your issues with your tablet while you are here at school regardless of your warranty status.

Hardware Repairs

When it comes to hardware repair, and your warranty and Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) is up, you will need to pay for any parts ordered for you by the I.T. staff. These parts are provided to you at our cost and we pick up the tab for labor.

4th Year Warranty Option

You also may have the option to purchase another year of manufacturer warranty for the remainder of the year. Lets say for example that your system board, screen or the back light on your screen has burned out, and your tablet is in good shape and there are no visible breaks, cracks or dents. You can purchase a basic 4th year warranty that will get you through the remainder of the school year for $149.00. This will then cover the defective parts. This manufacturer warranty will not cover breakage of any kind. It is best to obtain this warranty 30 days before or after your 3 year warranty expires.

Senior Rental Program

Mercy I.T. has started a pilot where a Senior may rent a tablet from the school for the remainder of their Senior year under certain conditions. The minimum condition is that you your tablet needs a repair that is over $500.00. Details of this program can be obtained by contacting Sr. Adele Stommel.

So seniors, come in with any issues that may arise with your tablet. Our goal is to make sure you have a tablet to use throughout the completion of your studies at Mercy!

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