Battery Lowdown

We get many questions concerning tablet batteries. The batteries in your tablet (starting with the 2710p – Class of 2012) are lithium polymer based. When these batteries are new and fully charged HP rates about 11 hours of usage. The batteries in the TC4400 model (Class of 2011) are lithium ion based batteries. HP rates these for about 9 hours when new and fully charged. With both types of batteries, charge times will vary depending on your power settings and other factors. Unfortunately, with current battery technology you are going to get a little less time out of your batteries every time you use and re-charge them. Typically a set of batteries will last you 15-20 months or about 300-500 charging cycles. When you first buy your tablet the batteries are covered under the HP one year manufacturer’s warranty. After this 12 month period you will have to purchase new batteries when the old ones no longer have the capacity to make it through a school day. The Mercy IT Dept. buys batteries in bulk at a reduced cost and we pass this savings on to you. Current prices for batteries can be obtained by calling or emailing the IT Dept.

Obviously, batteries are a very important part of the operation of your tablet. Getting the maximum life from your batteries can be a small challenge. To place all the information we have on batteries in our blog would take up too much space. Please follow the links below to learn more about how to increase the life of your batteries and to get the maximum amount of running time from them.

There are four articles from HP that will explain battery functions. Please take time and read them through. You will benefit greatly by following any of the recommended procedures.

Battery F.A.Q.

Battery Basics

Maximizing Battery Life

Testing Your Battery

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