Save Your Files!

Three simple words that can help you avoid tragedy. Every day we have students and sometimes even staff come into the IT Office with hard drive issues or even worse, a virus. Oftentimes the problem can only be corrected through a re-image of your hard drive or in the event of a hardware failure, a hard drive replacement. It is very, very important that all users get into the habit of saving their school related material to their H: drive. Your H: drive is your “Home” drive on the Mercy network. When you login to the network at school you can access your H: drive from a file browser or from an application (Word, Excel, OneNote, etc.). Your H: drive can also be accessed from anywhere via the internet by clicking on the “Access Your H: Drive” link on this blog, on Mercy Moodle or on the School’s website. Students are initially given 1 GB of space in their H: drive. This can be increased upon request. Just fill out a help desk ticket and ask for more space. Before you do make sure that all of the files currently on your H: drive need to be there. Also, please remember that your H: drive is only for your school related files. Pictures, music and video not related to school should be saved somewhere else or stored on another computer. When something does happen with your hard drive the IT Dept. will make their best effort to save your data, but we cannot guarantee the recovery of your files. Take matters into your own hands. Be responsible. Save your files!

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