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iPad Tips & Tricks by MHS iWizards

The iWizards have published a collection of iPad Tips and Tricks to iTunes U, available for anyone to access.  It is best experienced in the iOS iTunes U app.

iPad Tips & Tricks by MHS iWizards is searchable at the iTunes store or it is available online at

The collection is currently composed of thirteen very brief tutorials or descriptions of apps or shortcuts that we have found useful in our school work. We intend to add to and update the collection as a continual project.

We are also placing the collection as a “course” in Mercy’s Schoology LMS. All students and staff will be enrolled and they will receive animated virtual badges when they complete tutorials.  More on that in a week or two!

Course editors: L-R, Izzy, Tomoe, Larry, Katie, Taylor.  Photo courtesy of H. Smith


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Photos from Tech Talk 2015

Photos courtesy of Ann Lusch, Katie Birecki, Theresa Benton, Larry Baker, Tom James, Chris Baker, Renee Valentine, Cheryl Corte, Michelle Slaviero.

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Update on Tech Talk — SOLD OUT!!

There are less than three weeks until our second annual Mercy Tech Talk!  We had a huge influx of registrants at the early-discount deadline.  Our goal was 300 attendees and we surged past that number. In order to deliver a quality program we have closed registration.

My fellow conference coordinator, Ann Lusch, and I are looking forward to the following new wrinkles:

*Attendance will be 30% greater than last year’s conference.

*We have the full faculties registered from five schools.

*We tripled our sponsorship this year.

*Professors from four universities will be leading break-out sessions

*This year we will offer a school administrator program strand.

*We offer 36 break-out sessions this year.

* 60% of the presenters are new to the conference and nearly all of the topics are new.

*The SCECH credit (continuing ed.) process will be streamlined in 2015.

*Several Mercy iWizards will be providing logistical and technical assistance.

We look forward to the challenge of giving all attendees a great experience. Follow the conversation on Twitter at #mhtalk


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What’s Next for the iWizards?

iWizards at iCreate Planning Meeting

Hot off of our successful iPad iCreate Workshop for seventh and eighth graders, the iWizards are now turning their attention to several other activities over the next couple of months.

Jan-Feb  iWizards Tips & Tricks iTunes U and Schoology Courses

The iWizards are currently working on a project of collecting iPad “tips & tricks” about to share with the Mercy community through a Schoology course. We have tentatively decided it will have the following features

*lessons that last 1-2 minutes

*GIF badges as “rewards”

*Possibly some kind of raffle for those who “complete” the course.

Gabriella Meyers, our Apple DE recently visited and suggested we create an iTunes U course with iWizard tips and tricks.  I think this is a great idea and would complement the Schoology course.

Feb. 15  Winter Open House Demonstration

For the past three years the iWizards have provided iPad demonstrations for prospective students.

Fall ’14 Open House Demonstration

Feb 27  Assist at Tech Talk  

Mrs. Carol Rife will be conducting and Animation Creator HD break-out session at Tech Talk. Based on the their effectiveness at iCreate she intends to ask iWizards to assist.

March 20  MACUL Presentation

Mrs. Meyers has asked us to consider doing an iWizards presentation in the Apple room at the 2015 MACUL Conference– the largest state educational technology conference on March 20, Cobo Center, Detroit.

March 26  iWizard Workshop

All of the iWizards will gather for a full-day workshop to create the program and materials for the 2015 iPad orientation for new students. The orientation will be held on August 14.

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Students Teaching Students at the MHS iCreate Workshop

Art Rage/ Animator HD Group in Foreground / Photo by M. Weiss

The MHS iWizards conducted a free* iCreate Workshop for seventh and eighth graders on Saturday, January 17.  The iWizards consist of 9th-11th grade students who share an enthusiasm for the iPad.  Through a collaboration with the MHS Art Department**, they designed two one-hour sessions for the participants:

1) Students took photos, and became acquainted with how to employ some of Photogene’s many editing effects. They then dropped them into iMovie, learning how to quickly add sound and add features.

2) Students created drawings with ArtRage. They then they discovered how to animate the sketches with Animation Creator HD.

Both groups experienced using AirDrop* and enjoyed each other’s productions on LED projectors via Apple TVs.

The sessions were entirely taught by the iWizards who turned out in force in order to give lots of 1:1 help to our guests.  The iWizards created their curriculum through several weeks of before-school meetings.  The following sequence of extremely short videos outlines a portion of the animation group’s instruction.

The session began with an iWizard demonstration of what could be achieved with ArtRage/Animation Creator HD

After the projects were completed the iWizards worked hard to collect the files through AirDrop and then mirror them onto the projector.

The Animation group gave a Mercy souvenir to projects that stood out. Below I have videoed one winner’s creation.  Pretty impressive considering the kids only had an hour to learn two apps and create their masterpieces!

This final brief video shows photographs from the day’s fun.

Photos by L. Baker and M. Weiss


*Mr. James and Mr. Bank from Mercy I.T. set up 20 loaner iPads for girls who did not bring their own. They also created a special wifi for our guests and prepped the projectors (with Ms. Corte’s assistance).

**Thank you, Ms. Smith, Ms. Rife, Mr. Poris (Art teachers) and Maureen Weiss, Jen Stark (Admissions) for all of your help.


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